If the receiving device doesn’t support HEIF/HEVC format, received photos and video won’t be opened.

  • HEIF, HEVC Format
  • In iOS 11, High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) and High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) are added.
    For devices equipped with A9 or later, by updating to iOS 11, photos and videos will be saved in HEIF(.HEIC), HEVC(.MOV) format by default.

  • Transferring Photos/Videos that were already taken
  • Since Send Anywhere transfers all files in its original format, if the files were already taken in HEIF/HEVC format, it may not be opened depending on receiving devices’ settings.
    Please use file converting programs to change the format first.
    (An option converting HEIF/HEVC formats into JPEG/H.264 formats while sending will be provided in the future.)

Or improve the file transfer compatibility with other devices by changing the default saving format in the Settings app.
1. Go to Settings > Camera > Format.
2. Change the Camera Capture to ‘Most Compatible’.

After this, Photos and Videos will be saved in JPEG/H.264 format so that the files can be opened easily in other devices.