Select the files you wish to send then press send Send. The files can be transferred four different ways:


▪ 6-digit key

The 6-digit key is a single use security key with a 10-minute window. Share the 6-digit key with the person who will receive files. When the code is entered, the files will be sent automatically.

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▪ Send with Sound (beta) Powered by

With inaudible sound beacon technology, you can skip inputting the 6-digit key. Sender generates sound and receiver recognize it to start a transfer.

▶ Learn more about Send with sound (beta)

▪ Share Link

This is a transfer method that temporarily uploads a file to the server and then shares the file with the link when the other party has difficulty receiving the file immediately or wants to share the file with multiple people.

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▪ To device

If you have shared files more than once before with a device, or if there is a device near you, you can select a device to send files. The receiving device can get the files via a notification–all without having to enter a key.

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