The files can be transferred three different ways:

▪ Send directly with a 6-digit Key

A 6-digit security key is a one-time key that can be used just for 10 minutes. Click ‘Send’ to select the file to be sent and deliver the generated number key to the other party. If the other party enters the key in the key field of ‘Receive’ in Send Anywhere, the file transfer starts.

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▪ Share Link

If the other party can’t receive the file immediately or you want to share the file with more than one person people at once, you can share the file using a share link. Click ‘Send’ to select the file to be transferred, and click ‘Share Link’ under the generated number key to create a link. The generated link is valid for 48 hours without limit.

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▪ Send to Devices

It can send a file directly by selecting the device with the history to send a file or the peripheral device. Select a device and click the paper airplane icon in the lower right corner to select the file to transfer and the file will be transferred to the corresponding device. The other party can receive the file within 48 hours without entering a key.

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