Transfer can be stopped before the recipient receives the file or while the file is being transferred.

  • When you transfer a file with a 6-digit key
    • If the other party hasn’t yet entered the key, the file transfer will be interrupted if the keystroke waiting window is closed.
    • If the file is being transferred, click ‘Stop’ below the transfer card to stop the transfer.

  • When you share a file by sharing a link
    If you delete the transfer card that you want to stop transfer by clicking the desktop version of the clock icon, the file transfer will stop. If you delete a transfer card, you will not be able to download the file over that link even if it still remains valid.
  • When you transfer a file to a device
    If you delete the transfer card which hasn’t yet been received by clicking a wrong device, the other party can’t receive the file.

* Please be careful not to transfer a wrong file as the other party can check the file as long as the transfer progresses.